We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to produce elegant tooling solutions for a diverse range of industries.

We are continually investing in the latest equipment, software and expertise in order to ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible quality, value and the fastest possible delivery.

Tooling Innovation

Working across engineering sectors, we continue to innovate; designing and developing industry-leading tooling solutions which improve quality, value and service for all of our clients.


Our Expertise


The quality of our tools is second-to-none. Every tool we produce is designed in-line with the latest aerospace machining strategies, CAM systems, machine tools and quality standards.


focused on reducing the manufacturing costs ‘per part’. Single and multi-stage tooling solutions are modelled in 3D and analysed for performance to provide the most cost-effective, efficient solutions to our automotive clients.


At Marlor Tooling we are able to offer a range of woodwork tooling solutions.

We work to your scale and scope requirements, bespoke or standard, large or small scale.


Find out how our expertise can help you.

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