Intelligent Tooling

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At Marlor, we specialise in designing tooling solutions that meet your equipment and process requirements with precision and efficiency. Whether creating designs from scratch, modifying existing tools, or working from component or manufacturing drawings, our team has the expertise to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

CAD-Powered Precision

Our tool design process is powered by cutting-edge CAD technology, enabling us to create tooling with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. From intricate components to high-performance machining, our CAD tool designs shape industries and set new standards for quality and performance.

Intelligent Tooling

Intelligent Tooling Solutions

Intelligent tooling lies at the heart of our business philosophy. We focus on developing elegant solutions that not only enhance quality and efficiency but also adapt to evolving needs. Collaborating closely with our clients, we design and develop Marlor tools to ensure that customer objectives are achieved effectively.

Extended Tool Life

At Marlor, we believe in designing tools with longevity in mind. Our intelligent tooling methodology extends beyond the creation of new products to include tools that have completed their initial lifecycle. By designing out obsolescence, we enable tools to be repurposed for alternative applications, maximising their value, minimising waste, and prolonging their lifespan.

Optimise Resource Utilisation

Embracing intelligent tooling not only benefits your bottom line but also contributes to a more sustainable future. By optimising resource utilisation, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing overall sustainability, businesses can align their operations with principles of responsible stewardship.

Experience the Marlor Advantage

With Marlor Tool Design Services, you can expect innovative solutions that drive efficiency, enhance quality, and maximise value. Our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and sustainability ensures that you receive tooling solutions that meet your needs today and in the future.

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