Aerospace is one of the world’s most technically challenging industries.

Aerospace poses a unique set of challenges including exotic materials, tight tolerances, traceability and reporting. At Marlor Tooling, we successfully overcome these challenges with innovative tool design, world class manufacturing techniques and proven secure systems.

The quality of our tools is second-to-none. Every tool we produce is designed in-line with the latest aerospace machining strategies, CAM systems, machine tools and quality standards.


Commitment to our aerospace clients is evident through our continual investment in new technology. In this progressive industry we strive for innovation, productivity and cost-efficiency.

The harmony between contemporary hardware and software in the hands of our skilled engineers means that design restrictions are removed. At Marlor Tooling we are able to meet all requirements, regardless of complexity.



We understand the importance of traceability, it is as important to us as it is to our aerospace customers. Our robust monitoring, reporting and Quality Assurance systems ensure complete traceability in line with the relevant standards.


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